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What You Should Know About Popular Food Packaging Materials

Oxygen and water are the archenemies of food, as most foods turn bad when they encounter oxygen and moisture. High-quality packaging materials will deter those substances from entering the packaging and increase shelf life. Hence, selecting suitable packaging materials slows down the oxidation process and prolong the expiration date.

Eight out of 10 Singaporeans surveyed mentioned that they will only purchase foods that look fresh and good. This idea of cosmetic filtering is prominent in many Singaporeans, whereby they decide their purchases based on the appearance of the food. Hence, it has been a contributing factor to our food wastage issue. However, with the appropriate packaging materials, it can filter out oxygen and moisture, and extending the shelf life. Thus, more consumers would be willing to purchase the food items and give them more time to finish the food before the expiration date. Popular food packaging materials;

a. Kraft Paper

This material is usually coated with a layer of plastic to improve moisture barrier properties. As it is water and grease-proof, it is an ideal food packaging material. Moreover, Kraft Paper is one of the stronger packaging materials, so it is a popular choice for many food producers. It is favoured by people to package flour, sugar, dried fruits, and vegetables, those products that are heavier in weight.

b. Art Card

Art card is a type of paper that is laminated with plastic to strengthen its resistance to water, oil, tear, and abrasion. As it is lightweight, the cost of transportation for art card is lower as compared to other heavier packaging materials as it is lightweight. Moreover, it is water and grease resistant, making it a popular packaging material in the food and beverage industry. It is used as the packaging for milk cartons, paper drink cups, and take-out containers, illustrating its diverse application.

Aside from the packaging materials, many health-conscious consumers will set their eyes on the types of certifications that your packaging have as well. They take note of their calorie and sugar intake in the food and the harmful chemical substances that are in the food packaging. Therefore, food packaging is required to possess food safety certificates. Having these certifications assure consumers that the packaging materials are safe and hygienic. However, different certifications have different benefits. So, read on to find out more about the various food safety certifications that are commonly seen in the market nowadays.

c. CE Certification

The CE Certification indicates that the manufacturing process of the packaging material follows the European standard and legislation. It implies that the products are compliant with the essential health and safety requirements. Hence, the products can be sold in Europe as well. Therefore, it is a must-have certificate for companies that have business units in the Western markets or wish to expand into European countries.

d. FDA

FDA stands for Food and Drug Administration, a federal agency in the USA that takes charge of public health and the supervision of food safety, cosmetics, tobacco products, and many more. They enforce stringent rules to ensure that companies adhere to industry standards. Those packaging with FDA logo would mean that they have fully complied to the set of regulations during the formulation and manufacturing process. Hence, this certification proves to consumers that the production of packaging materials is safe for usage.

e. SGS

SGS is a multinational company that provides stringent inspection of the packaging materials and ensures that the products reviewed have met the regulatory standards and do not contain harmful substances. They have professional food chemists and microbiologists who are equipped with relevant skills to examine and ensure that the packaging materials are food safe.

f. FSC

The Forest Stewardship Council is an organisation that strives to promote sustainable forestry worldwide. They encourage companies to source for trees in a socially responsible and environmentally friendly manner. By having the FSC logo on the product packaging, it enhances the company’s image as one that cares for nature and appeals to eco-friendly customers. You can read more about FSC here.

More and more consumers have rising concerns about the food safety issue in Singapore, and companies must ensure that there are enough certifications to address their concerns. Clients would have more trust in the food products; they will feel safe when they see the food safety certifications on the packaging materials.  At Craftwerkz, all our food packaging materials have the food certifications listed above.  And now, you do not have to spend a great deal of time to search for food-safe packaging.

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