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5 gift ideas to complement your Chinese New Year corporate Red Packets for employees and clients

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Like Christmas, Chinese New Year presents itself as the season for giving.

Is there really a better way to say thank you to your employees and clients than by showering them with endless festive gifts? With little time left to finalize your custom-made corporate red packets, choosing complementary gifts to add to the festive package might be slightly inconvenient.

Distinguishing between complementary festive gifts for your employees and clients is also important as what works for clients might not work for employees and vice versa.  For clients, gifts focusing on promoting the brand of the company is key whereas for employees, a perfect gift would be something functional that can be used in their daily lives. Simple and convenient gift ideas for clients and employees can range from custom-made notebooks to designer calendars.

Here is a breakdown of 5 Chinese New Year gift ideas to complement your corporate red packets for clients and employees. 


 1.       Chinese New Year Orange Carriers


You can never go wrong with pairing a classic orange carrier to your corporate red packets for festive gifting to clients.

Simply make your carrier stand out by choosing your company’s brand colours, logo design and packaging material!


2.       Desk Calendars


Calendars are always a versatile go-to festive gift for both clients and employees. Although not a reusable item, it makes a good decorative and functional piece for both your employees and clients to display on their desks for the rest of the year.

Consult your designers for the latest printing technologies, such as laser cutting, for a customized Chinese New Year 2020 calendar.


 3.       Greeting Cards


Let your clients know that you are thinking about them during this festive season by creating your own customized company greeting card. Materials for greeting cards include paper, fabric and even PU leather.

Understand your options before choosing the best customized greeting card to create a lasting impression on clients.


4.       EZ-Link/ NETS cards


Festive season EZ-link or NETS cards are always a practical item for your employees to carry in their pockets. Your employees can enjoy the convenience of using the customized card for payment needs and staff identification.

Custom-designed cards  provide an excellent opportunity to flaunt your company’s branding and identity.


5.       Notebooks


Why not provide a professional canvas for your employees to pen down their creative thoughts for your business? Compared to tablets and laptops, notebooks are always the less expensive option and easily available option.

Customizing your own corporate notebook can be done through size, style, material, printing design and method.


Festive complementary gifting is definitely a bulletproof tool to market your company’s name during Chinese New Year. The above article lists some simple and convenient gift ideas that can complement your corporate red packets to show your appreciation for your clients and employees.

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