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4 Product Packaging Trends to Consider in 2020

Coming to the end of the year,consumer purchasing is on the overdrive.With the rise of sustainability initiatives and the awareness to reduce of harmful wastes, what do we need to consider during a time of exponential packaging waste. 

Here are 4 product packaging trends to consider for 2020:

  1. E-commerce Packaging

With more sales being driven online, many consumers are starting to rethink the way they should shop for their groceries. Although more consumers want the convenience of shopping online, they definitely wouldn’t want to give up receiving products that looked like they were just plucked fresh from the store shelf. From a survey done by manufacturing solutions Jabil, 95% of brands say that packaging impacts the user’s online purchase experience. As such, it is important to consider personalizing your e-commerce packaging through size, material and design to your consumer’s online purchase experience!

2. 100 % Biodegradable

The idea of “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” is taking a global sweep on companies as many are trying to opt for a more sustainable packaging. This is a beneficial initiative for businesses since more consumers are starting to switch to sustainable alternatives. Popular biodegradable packaging include PLA-starch or PCL-starch blends as well as bio plastics with improved thermal properties. Try out a more biodegradable product packaging to gain the interest of more consumers.

3. Post-Consumer Resins (PCR) Packaging

PCR packaging is also an environmentally-friendly packaging option since it is recycled materials made from PET bottles and other plastics. Although PCR packaging usually has a greenish or yellowish tint to it which might affect the design of the packaging, there are technologies that can help this. Research has shown that PCR packaging significantly helps to remove landfill mass and increase the recyclability of products. So do your part as a sustainable business entity by opting for PCR materials for your next packaging.

4. Interactive Packaging

The rise of interactive packaging has added an innovative technological dimension to the product packaging industry. It’s a fun way for consumers to interact with the packaging so they won’t just throw it away. This will allow the packaging to be repurposed while giving your brand a fresh sense of innovation and creativity. Check out these 34 innovative interactive packaging designs for your next food or beverage packaging inspiration!

Ultimately, opting for a particular product packaging is becoming more than just about convenience. Brands are taking up more sustainable initiatives in the era of eco-friendliness and aligning it with their branding values. With years of experience in helping firms develop product packaging that best aligns with their branding values, Craftwerkz is your go-to company for all things paper and packaging. Contact us at or call us at +65 9876 1869.

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