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5 Beautiful Office Decor Ideas for 2020

Doing some spring cleaning in the office for the new year is always a good idea, especially if your company has a ton of scattered documents piled up somewhere or you just want a change of environment from 2019. However, more than cleaning, decorating the office space could provide you and your co-workers with the perfect boost to start 2020 right. Office decor might sound like a hassle so here are simple office craft and decor ideas that you could engage with and customize to your own liking:

1. Photo wallpaper


Ask your co workers to print a grid of their favourite instagram photos if they have some blank space in between office cupboards and bookshelves. Since the instagram photos  will be of the same size, hang the photos next to each other to form a bright collage that will be great for eyebreaks.

2. Hang a framed motivational poster


“Hang in there” posters are great for when you and your coworkers need a little push to keep you going during office hours. All they need is an inspiring quote and a simple frame to create a motivational poster unique to them.

3. Get yourself a memo desk calendar


Calendars and memo note pads always make a power team in helping you increase your team’s productivity at work. With memo desk calendars, you and your colleagues can mark down important events and create checklists in the same space as well.

4. Hang festive greeting cards


Hanging company greeting cards is a good way to keep the mood in the office merry even after the festive season has ended. Showcasing greeting cards can also stimulate creativity for your company’s next printed design!

5. Reuse packaging boxes as office trays

Reusing company gift or mooncake boxes to rearrange office supplies or documents is definitely a sustainable idea for office decor. Also, using your own customized company packaging boxes as office trays provide a nice company branding touch to your office space.

Office decor is always a great way to get the team together to spruce up the working space and prepare the team for the gruelling working year ahead. Simple paper and craft ideas definitely go a long way because you wouldn’t be spending much money on the decor. Focusing on reusing items such as greeting cards, gift and mooncake boxes will definitely be an innovative way  to decorate the office.

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