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Why Corporate Festivities are an important part of your Business Branding

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As the vibrant energy of the Chinese New Year fades away, anticipation for the next significant holiday season begins. Whether it’s Christmas, Hari Raya, Deepavali, or your company’s anniversary, there’s always a celebration to plan for throughout the year. While the prospect of managing budgets for festive gifts, office décor, and employee/client meals may seem daunting, celebrating corporate festivities within financial constraints can significantly enhance your corporate branding. Here’s why making festive celebrations a year-round affair can positively impact your brand:


1. Elevate your company’s social media presence:
Social media platforms offer a dynamic space for showcasing your company’s fun and creative side to clients, prospective employees, and customers. Share captivating pictures and videos from your company festivities to generate excitement on Instagram and LinkedIn, capturing the right attention.


2. Stand out with unique holiday greetings:
Break away from the ordinary by celebrating less conventional holidays, turning them into opportunities to distinguish your company. Embrace National Hangover Day or National Hug Day to create memorable moments that could evolve into a unique selling point, especially if merchandise becomes involved. Explore a variety of ‘unusual’ holidays for inspiration.


3. Express appreciation to clients and employees:
Demonstrate gratitude to those who contribute to your company’s growth by showering them with festive gifts and appreciation cards. Articulate your thanks with practical and creative corporate gifts like PU leather notebooks and planners, timeless classics that make your clients and employees feel valued.


4. Transform festivities into a strategic business plan:
Corporate celebrations present valuable business opportunities. When marking company anniversaries or milestones, consider distributing vouchers or rebates to engage more consumers in your celebration. Incorporate promotional products into the occasion to convey the right branding message to potential consumers and clients.


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