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Show Appreciation and Encouragement to Your Employees through Adversities and Challenges

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Expressing appreciation and gratitude, as well as giving and gifting, can be demonstrated at any time during our daily interactions with colleagues and employees. However, it is particularly important to recognize the significance of showing appreciation through acts of gifting during ordinary occasions. This becomes even more crucial during challenging times, such as the recent healthcare crisis, exemplified by the Covid-19 pandemic. Such gestures help employees and colleagues feel valued and cared for, fostering motivation and commitment within firms and brands.

Employee appreciation should never be neglected, and it can be practiced on any regular day. Unfortunately, many organizations fail to implement it as a common practice, making it a rare commodity. By being the exception and seizing every opportunity to demonstrate appreciation and gratitude to your company’s employees, you can foster cohesiveness and a sense of belonging among them. This, in turn, enhances your company’s human resource retention management, leading to a significant reduction in attrition or turnover rates, among other benefits.

Below, we have compiled three practical tips that brands and companies can utilize to convey heartfelt expressions of appreciation and gratitude.


Tip 1-  Conveying a Simple Word of “Thank You.”

Expressing gratitude can be done in various ways, even if you’re not comfortable with direct verbal communication. One alternative is to choose a greeting card to convey your heartfelt thanks and appreciation to a colleague, particularly in a professional setting where expressing oneself might pose some difficulty.

In addition, companies can consider distributing greeting cards to all employees as a sincere and warm gesture of appreciation and gratitude. This practice becomes especially significant during challenging times like the recent Covid-19 healthcare situation, where employees have shown unwavering support, dedication, and contributions.

Furthermore, in the current scenario where many companies have adopted remote work arrangements, greeting cards can also be sent directly to each employee’s or colleague’s home address. These cards can serve multiple purposes, such as celebrating special occasions like birthdays or showing concern and well-wishes when a colleague is unwell or facing personal difficulties.

As organizations prioritize social distancing and remote work, greeting cards offer a thoughtful way for management teams and higher-ups to express care and concern towards their employees and colleagues.


Tip 2-  Presenting with Individual Personalized Gifts

By having knowledge of their colleagues’ and employees’ interests, companies can gather ideas to occasionally present small gifts, which can brighten their day in the simplest way possible. But why are small and simple corporate gifts highly significant and meaningful for brands and firms to give to their employees and colleagues, especially when the gifts can be personalized?

When brands and firms choose to gift their employees and colleagues with customized corporate gifts, they enhance their brand image. The perception and overview of these gifts by the beloved employees can contribute to this positive image. Moreover, personalized gift items provide a sense of personal connection to the recipients. The firm’s efforts in curating unique designs and styles for each employee demonstrate a personal touch.

By incorporating individuality and unique factors such as the employee’s name, strengths, and positive qualities, customized gifts become even more special. Adding a small “Thank You” message to each gift further reinforces the firm’s appreciation. These efforts make the employees feel that the gifts are truly one-of-a-kind and they genuinely reflect the firm’s creative and unique approach in recognizing each employee. 


Tip 3-  Presenting with Generalized Corporate Gifts

Alternatively, if brands or firms are offering products and services that are essential and significant to individuals during times of adversity and difficulty in frontline sectors, it is crucial to also prioritize the well-being of the firm’s employees and colleagues.

During these challenging periods, while brands or firms are focused on producing, distributing, and providing essential products or services to their target audiences, such as clients and consumers, it is important to ensure the safety and well-being of employees who work physically in person. These employees, such as those in production, procurement, and other essential departments, require extra protection for their health and safety. Implementing corporate gifts like care packages filled with personal healthcare products such as hand sanitizers, fabric and disposable face masks, and disinfectant sprays can address some of the essential items that employees might need while commuting to and from work and working near their team members, which could increase their risk of exposure to Covid-19.

By having these corporate gifts specially prepared and delivered to each employee’s home address, companies can demonstrate their commitment to the health, safety, and well-being of their employees and colleagues as a community.

Here are three practical tips for brands and companies to express their heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to their colleagues and employees during challenging times:

  1. Prioritize employee well-being: Ensure the safety and health of employees working in essential roles by providing them with necessary personal healthcare products and taking proactive measures to protect their physical and mental well-being.
  2. Customize corporate gifts: Consider offering customized greeting cards and essential personal healthcare products as gifts to show appreciation to employees. Tailoring these gifts to their needs and preferences can make them feel valued and cared for.
  3. Explore diverse product offerings: At Craftwerkz, we offer a wide range of products, including ready-made merchandise and customizable gift products. Your brand or firm can find suitable options to cater to your specific requirements and convey your gratitude effectively.

If you would like to learn more about the range of products we offer or discuss the possibility of customizing gifts for your company, we are here to assist you.

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